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Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Rancho El Chonete

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Supporting Children with Autism
Autistic Child Sponsorship Program
You can do more than provide your family a Great Vacation!

In homage to Benjamin P. Brady, autistic son of one of the principles, Rancho El Chonete is a new dude or guest ranch creating a program to support children with autism. Benjamin started his journey with autism at the age of approximately 2 years. Due to tremendous support programs he is now doing well, Thank you!

AS AN ORGANIZATION, we are determined to support those children here who don’t have any level of support yet. Imagine you are living in Costa Rica as a single mom with an autistic son… Where is her HOPE? Who is there for them? The answer – YOU; through us! We have stepped up because no one else will and you are in no way inconvenienced or impacted. So now it is up to you. Do you want to make a difference? Membership Matters!

Would an autistic child benefit from an opportunity like the therapeutic activities offered here at Rancho El Chonete?

For each membership you purchase for your family or business, we will sponsor a person with autism that would be responsive to this treatment. This could be someone you know, or a child here in CR. This will allow your sponsored individual to expand their focus, discover an outdoor ranch life and the natural beauty that goes with our property. Depending on the capabilities of the individual, this adventure consists of visiting the ranch for one week during your membership period free of charge. This will not affect your vacation time on the dude ranch, and you will still have all the weeks available to you as specified in your membership terms.

Our concierge will be organizing these visits each year in groups of 10 children. Our Therapists will be arriving to support all the programs designed specifically for this event. You will in the future see this on our Calendar if you wish to be here that week with your own child whom you have personally sponsored.

In addition to your participation in the sponsorship, there are other organizations we can work with like Ascopa, a Costa Rican NGO that works with autistic children and their families. This website (in Spanish) is www.ascopa.cr. If you are ready to become a member of Rancho El Chonete, please inform us.

Unfortunately, we are still not yet wheelchair-ready, but we will do our best to make the necessary arrangements for all our guests. Even if we have to move them around by horse.

So I would say if you like what we stand for you and want to stand right here beside us! Make a difference today! Lets now complete the membership agreement today!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Donations, YES, of Course. What can we do with your help?

Better than Gofundme or Patron – You can work with us directly!

We are going to bring in volunteers from the USA who are more than willing to help us develop the Autism Programs here on the ranch. We have already had people asking us how they can help!

We need the funding to make it happen! These therapy specialists will have a week free stay on the ranch once they get here. We will be bringing in people from www.ascopa.cr to work with our therapeutic volunteers as well to work with the children of need invites.

We have a goal set for 500 children sponsored by each membership purchased. But with your help we can do so very much more.

So please, contact us or one of our people can reach out to you.

Find it in your heart to donate, as these kids need our help!

Ask for your donation form to be emailed to you.