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Rancho El Chonete

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Employee Incentive Program

Today I called you to introduce myself and show you a better way to help solve a number of problems that usually always exist in your type of business. We have the solution and it is simple!

At the end of this presentation, you will see an additional benefit to you that will help many people you do not know and may never know.



Get the boss off the backs of your workers! Get your employees to respect the boss! Make your business a more enjoyable place to work and your employees show up to do their job with enthusiasm instead of showing up to collect a paycheck. This makes a huge difference in your productivity, efficiency and profitability! Want to know the secret?

Let’s begin:

How do I motivate my employees to perform at their very best? What would make my clients want to come back over and over again? My manager is tired of coming to work knowing our workers don’t like him! (No one likes the boss, including me!)

FIX IT! You will NO LONGER have to continually tell the employees to perform their responsibilities that we hired them to do. This gets tiring for everyone even though it happens on a daily basis and this is causing morale issues! NO MORE having to tell JUAN to stop talking to Maria and go sweep the floor!

YOU ASK>How can I solve it?

We respond “Simple”….

Have a meeting with management; create a list of the most important (Priority) tasks for your employees that are their responsibility to complete or any group of employees you wish to target and then- After you have your list call a mandatory meeting of the employees! They will think something bad is going down. BUT, surprise them with this statement. “WE LIKE every one of you and want to show our appreciation for your hard work”. This is an immediate boost in their morale as it is not a negative meeting!!!

Then at that employee meeting…

Tell the employees from this point on we are going to provide an award to the top (2-4) employees. (Depending on your wishes; you have 4 people open per year) Management will be watching all you form this moment on to see who is going to qualified for our new bonus. The employee/s that performs with an outstanding attitude, customer service etc. (your list), will get a vacation of a lifetime on us! We are going to provide you one-week accommodations at a very special Guest Ranch. And, we will provide you with spending money to enjoy your week. To win this award you must…(Go down your list of prioritized responsibilities).

Tell them “We will no longer ask you to do these jobs. If I see as a manager that it needs to be done and Juan you are talking with Maria and not doing your job you will be by your own actions working toward a disqualification from this Amazing Vacation!

Decide who is eligible and tell them the reward is a week’s stay at the Guest Ranch. Which has elegant accommodations and breakfast? You will be provided extra money for your other meals and adventures. ON US!

This program will work for your company’s benefit for the next 5 years! From this point on the motivated people will compete for the trip against one another. Your manager will not have to remind them what is at stake and those not so motivated can be replaced or at minimum know that all aspects of your tasks list will be performed better than if you provide them a raise and your company will be better off for it!

25 employees given a $1 raise working 40 hours a week is a cost of $1,000/week to the company! At 52 weeks per year that would be $52,000 out of the owner’s pocket making their spouse very upset!!!


Purchase additional members for $700/each up to 8 every fourth member is a new membership.

This program is very flexible. The owner (company or group) has 4 individuals they can send every year for the next 5 years, and it is all paid for upfront. All accept the spending money which is very little cost per year for the emotionally positive attitude these employees now bring to work! It is phycology that you are now using to motivate them to work efficiently!!! NOT MONEY! You can send 4 employees of choice or send 2 top-performing employees per year to the ranch with someone of the employees choosing this makes the psychological aspects of the award better as it motivates them to provide for someone they love. They do it for their spouse or lover, Sent 2 employees twice per year… You get the picture. It is the company membership so it is up to you who you send!

Don’t forget that the Membership is also part of the Membership Matters program for autistic children! As I told you above there is another benefit!!!

Costa Rica has a large population of autistic children that have no hope or financial help with therapy. So that parent lives a life of desperation and your membership with our services can provide a very necessary therapy for these kids! Thank You in advance!!! Every membership sponsors a child!

Also, if you think about all we are offering for your employees it might be wise to also purchase one for your own family’s private use. This affords one more child a trip to the ranch.

The VALUE OF THE MEMBERSHIP IS over $10,000 as you can easily see on www.duderanches.com. Compare at $350/person/night in the USA. We are offering to you today at an introductory offer of just $10,000.00 which has additional benefits attached to that membership beyond just helping a child. We can detail them for you or read about them on our website.

VALUE PER YEAR! $1,000/4 persons is a cost of just under $350 per person/year ($29/month) which is why you can afford to provide them $1,400 or $750 or $500 to spend on their lunch, dinner and activities of their choosing, which can be seen listed on our website. This award will be available for your next employee of the year ceremony. Total per year is $5,400 if you provide them $1,000 each to spend. It is $3,400 per year if you provide them just $500/person to spend!

Our ranch is being developed now and shall be open in the next high season and will be getting better and better as the memberships grow and the years go by! Join us today before this price goes up!

I am going to do a follow-up call with you. Let’s get your company signed up today!