Rancho El Chonete
Limited Memberships

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Rancho El Chonete

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What’s the best way to get to the ranch?

Our location: (Can find us on Google Maps!)

Rancho El Chonete, 600 meters South of school, Provincia de Alajuela, Santa Rita, Costa Rica

Start your trip stress-free from Liberia or San Jose. We can list what major carriers fly into our International Airports. Santa Clara is only 7 minutes west of Florencia, San Carlos. We can arrange private transfers from just about anywhere. There is an local airport 15 minutes away in El Tanque. You may wish to check with your travel agent.

2) How to visit the ranch?

Being a private get away destination, a Membership is required to visit the ranch. Memberships include a great deal of extras, as if you are coming to an all-inclusive resort. Talk to us about our special offers. We can tell you what to expect and must haves to bring when packing your bags to come see us. Book a FREE 1 HOUR HORSE BACK RIDE with one of our Experienced Guilds and learn more about “OUR STORY“. From there we will answer any questions you may have. We want you to enjoy your experience and become part of our family! See our “Membership Page” and plan your next vacation with us.

3) When can I book my trips?

Book forty-five (45) days in advance. This allows us plenty of time to prepare accommodations and arrange those activities you choose for your visit.

4) Can anyone visit the Ranch?

Absolutely, we are a private and exclusive ranch. Just let us know in advance so we can accommodate you, your family and friends. You may also wish to consider us as a business retreat. One membership, allows you to bring your group and provides many advantages.

5) What do I need to bring?

Depending on the season, you should bring insect repellent, good hiking shoes and, possibly, a poncho or lightweight jacket. When you reserve your week as a member, we will give you the rundown list on what you might like to bring. This will make your time with us more enjoyable. See our helpful list of what else to pack.

6) What if I don’t know how to ride a horse?

We provide well-trained horses that know how to take care of their riders. Our wranglers and guides will assist you! Plus we have all-terrain Gators that travel the property.

7) Is their safe river and water destinations?

Yes, we have rivers, water falls, the beach and a heated spa to relax in after every tour. Best to have shoes designed to wear in water when spending time and taking part in these kinds of activities.

8) Where can we get our meals?

If you have access to a vehicle, there are many options close to the ranch.

If you want to just want to stay on the property, there are many options again. Bring your food from the store and use our outdoor kitchen, or want some privacy? There is a BBQ grill we supply at your tent.

Feel like a snack? We have plans for “A Soda” or small restaurant on site with the observation deck for lite meals and snacks. Will feature our home made Ice cream and of course afternoon coffee will be available.

Clean and comfortable, you will be able to choose from a typical CR menu of organic, fresh Talapia (a delicious white fish) raised on our family farm, ranch-raised whole roasted range chickens and freshly-grown vegetables, salads, fresh fruits, herbs/spices and so much more. All available for you and your family.

One day a week, we will host a group BBQ, according on the groups staying interest, and weather permitting.

9) Is this a working ranch?

Yes it truly is a working ranch and more. We raise horses, cows and other typical farm animals. Practicing horticulture, there is continuous planting of many different types of fruits and vegetables that will be available right from the site. All Organically grown, this part of the ranch is not only a food source, but a huge educational experience. Especially for families that wish to experience what life is like on a working ranch!

10) Am I just limited to 4 in our group per membership?

Rancho El Chonete supports larger groups at an additional $700/person. A very reasonable value in addition to the visiting fee.

11) When do bookings start?

Bookings are now available for those who wish to tour the ranch and take advantage of what we have to offer. The options continue to grow as the ranch continues to develop. We look forward to greeting and having you as our guest.

12) Can I be an investor?

Most Definitely! We are attracting both active and silent partners who are wishing to invest in Rancho El Chonete. Reach out today through our Investor Inquiries Form. You can even arrange for a private tour. Feel free to and ask our principles for more details as we greatly value your investment and supporting and making our dream a reality. As we expand we expect amazing value for this common stock and dividends and liquidity within a very short period of time.

For any more answers to your Questions, feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to your call, email or inquiry.

Most Sincerely,

The Administrators of ElChoneteRanch.com