Rancho El Chonete
Limited Memberships

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Rancho El Chonete

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Investor FAQ

Who is Rancho El Chonete?
Rancho El Chonete is a private membership only growth-oriented, diversified real estate development company supporting local tourism and employment for the surrounding community. Additional assets include the ongoing development of buildings, cabins, farming facilities, and all of the activities & tours we have developed.

Where is Rancho El Chonete headquartered?
Rancho El Chonete’s principal executive offices are located on our principal asset which is a Two Hundred & Seventy Thousand (270,000) acre land holding located approximately Six Hundred (600) meters South of School, Provincia de Alajuela, Santa Rita, Costa Rica.

Are there any investment opportunities currently available?
Most Definitely! We are attracting both active and silent partners who are wishing to invest in Rancho El Chonete. Reach out today through our Investor Inquiries Form. You can even arrange for a private tour. Feel free to and ask our principles for more details as we greatly value your investment and supporting and making our dream a reality. As we expand we expect amazing value for this common stock and dividends and liquidity within a very short period of time.

Does Rancho El Chonete currently pay a dividend on its common stock?
The Company will be offering dividends on shares of its common stock, very soon, in relation to growth. Your Investment Package will contain detailed information on our growth and development. Evidence on this can be found on our Construction Page. Updated information can be supplied on request.

Are we a public company?
As we wish to maintain control of all growth. The stock will remain private. We actively are making our own market in the stock to provide liquidity and value to our share holders. There is a public stock exchange here in Costa Rica. Known as the “Bolsa” located in Santa Anna, San Jose Province. If in years to come our shareholders would like to see faster fund raising with a secondary offering or more rapid liquidity by supplying additional market makers then that is an open option our board is well aware of, although currently, not in the business plan.

Does Rancho El Chonete offer a direct stock purchase plan And how can I buy stock in Rancho El Chonete?
The Company has made great strides to develop a safe and secure way to obtain purchase stock right off our new website which you would need to request a private showing before it goes live. Partnerships or Minimum Investments has gone up recently from Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) to Fifty Five Thousand Dollars ($55,000).

Is Rancho El Chonete a public company?
Rancho El Chonete is a Private Dude Ranch offering Private Memberships, Partnerships, and various Investment Options. The lions’ share of stock buys and buyouts are done privately. This secures and maintains the stocks value. While Shares on the Public Stock Exchanges can be exposed to market flux, Private Shares can hold their value and new offers to purchase will be at a higher value. We also have a sponsorship program for autistic children.

How can I buy stock in Rancho El Chonete?
Stock is available through the secure links of our website. Once all available stock is purchased the price will go up! At that time our principles will be approached to see if they would like to liquidate all or part. If they are so pleased with our progress that they wish to hold for the long term (which is most likely), We can always do a stock split and tap into the treasure stock reserved for just this problem. Demand will become high as membership sales increase. It is only natural!

Is there an investment package that I will receive which contains all the information about the investment I have made?
We have put together an investment package that will be sent electronically and securely about the investment you have made with added opportunities on projects being further developed.

Does Rancho El Chonete offer direct stock purchase plans?
You might want to request a private showing before you invest. Minimum investments in this active private placement are currently set at twenty five thousand dollars. Partnerships or minimum investments have gone up recently from $25,000 to $55000 if you would like your free membership included.

Is Membership included when I make an investment?
We are holding with our original minimum of $2.50/share and $25,000, or 10,000 shares. If you make an investment of $55,000 which at today’s price of $2.50 will buy you 22,000 shares you will receive a free membership with your stock purchase. That is an immediate return on Investment of 12.7% an excellent return!

If I Invest am I automatically a “Partner” in the ranch?
“All of our investors are our friends and as such we listen to suggestions. Yes, you are a partner albeit a silent partner.”

How much am I allowed to invest at once?
That will depend on your timing! The faster you get in the more you can invest. Any and all investments above the minimum will be considered and greatly appreciated! I know investors who think this is way to small a project for their time! So, If investing $200,000 for you is just not enough to look at this project then lets talk $1,000,000. Our financial offering is here to raise 1.2 million. So Yes, we can accommodate you and your desires! The more you invest the fewer partners we have to maintain so step up and help us help these kids! Remember this, Your investment in NOT like any stock you have ever bought.

Will my investment pay dividends? If so how soon?
Rancho El Chonete will be offering dividends very shortly! We project within two years and if we pay out $1.00/share that money is a huge return on investment (ROI). Dividends may fluctuate and will be reflective of our progress. Right now, project construction is in full swing, with projections on target.

What is the current expected growth potential?
When each group of four (4) spends just Three Hundred dollars ($300) per person per week times (x) Twenty-Five Hundred (2500) People well that adds up to Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand dollars ($750,000) per year spent during their membership term of Five (5) years equaling Three Million, Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand dollars ($3,750,000) and that is conservative! If our stock is trading at five (5) times earnings, that is over Eighteen (18) million in value divided by Two (2) million shares that is Nine dollars ($9.00) per share or an increase of almost Five Hundred Percent (500%) over Five (5) years!

Do you hear the jingle of DIVIDENDS?
One dollar ($1.00) per share over the Five (5) years that would be a pretty good looking dividend and leave One million dollars in operating capital for the ranch. The value of the ranch has GROWN!

What are the current main projects requiring investment capital?
It is an exciting time @ Rancho El Chonete’. We are constantly under construction. I would refer you to our Construction Page that contains videos and descriptions of projects in development.

What is the expected completion costs associated for each of the main projects?
Pick a project and we can send you the expected completion costs associated to that particular project.

How can I have financial documents sent to me?
We have a fully secured financial documents collections system in place which included fully fillable secure PDFs which allow for digital E-signatures. We will send you the links manually which can be filled in and digitally signed on both desktop or mobile.

When is the next annual meeting of Stock holders?
Our current Meeting of stock holders was last held in Sept. With a full update on current growth and direction. Our next will be help as we have in the past in May 2020. Won’t you join us?

Who is our Current Transfer Agent?
Please remember that this is a private company! All our info is held close! You will deal directly with the company’s president if there are any issues regarding your stock interests.

Who is Rancho El Chonete’s investor relations contact?
Gregory Reimer
Investor / Client Relations

Neil Brady – President
303 731-3387 USA #
506 8753 6415