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Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
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Rancho El Chonete

Telegram: (506)8753-6414
Office USA: (303)731-3387
Office-Solo Español: (506)2475-7275
Office Pakistan: (9233)3559-1948

Safari Cataratas

Join Us For a Safari Cataratas Adventure!

Embark on a full or half day tour includes lunch. On full day tours we invite you to take a swim!

There are many advantages for this Safari with Rancho El Chonete. Entrance fees are included and the waterfalls we take you too are not common tourist adventures making your visit something truly special!

See the wild flowers, watch the humming birds and occasional wild animals pose for photos, more important, enjoy the mist!

Safari Cataratas (Waterfall adventure tours)

Our clients love this tour

Take the full day or half a day adventure tours with us. Includes Transport and lunch. 1/2 day or full day.

This location is not popular because TOURISTS DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT! These adventure vacations to our overseas adventure travel clients are low impact. SHH! Lets Keep it a Rancho El Chonete Secret!

River of Blue! Celeste they say!

River of Blue! Celeste they say here!
On our Full Day tour you can swim! A blue river of warm tropical waters sweeping down the mountain over the falls and into pools of unimaginable beauty! Off the beaten path, some hiking is required. This tour is guided and you will get wet! Bring a change of cloth

Flower gardens after lunch.

Flower gardens after lunch.
Who doesn’t like flowers? Wild indiginous flora here to relax, “Stop and smell the …” Please, the garden is here for your enjoyment, dont miss it!

Sample of your day. What a client thinks about it!
Swimming Hole for those with spunk!
Best Kept Secret! - Check out this great video.
They're all around you!

We have not been able to count the numbers of humming birds on our hikes! Learn a little Spanish on the way?

Colibri Humming bird in Spanish.

You are at the end of the Rainbow!

Sunshine and Mist! What did you expect? This is a Photographers Dream!

While you are on the way!

There’s a bit of moderate hiking but nothing someone 70+ can’t handle if they take their time and enjoy the views.

You don’t have to go to the bottom of the falls if you don’t want too. You will still see the falls and you will still enjoy your day!

Join Us on a Safari of Waterfalls and More...
Stop & Smell the Flowers of Safari Cataratas...